Top 3 ways to conquer your sexual self-esteem

Counting down from the highest to the very lowest, most teenage boys and girls are prone to be in this category. Sexual self-esteem is not one of those regular topics you are taught while growing up. Most time, both parents and guardians are always too “careful” not to mention the word “sex” to their child/wards. While this might be appropriate to them, it builds fear and a wrong notion of the concept of fear in the child’s mindset. As the child grows, the wrong mentality of sex increases too, and over time, it reduces sexual self-esteem and sometimes lowers sex drives. 

If you are in this category of having low sexual self-esteem, you have a lot to do to pull through; nonetheless, there are easy steps and tips you can adapt to overcome this phase. Visiting porn sites like Porndoe will open you to several reasons why you should exploit your sexuality and break away from sexual self-esteem. 

Porndoe - Top 3 ways to conquer your sexual self-esteem

How to increase your sexual self-esteem

Conquering your sexual self-esteem is majorly personal. So, you must be willing to take the conscious effort of ensuring you really want to increase your sexual self-esteem. Else, it’s definitely going to end up looking like a façade all along. Here are some of the ways to improve your sexual self-esteem


While many individuals have bastardized the consumption of pornography, it’s still safe to attest that pornography is one of the effective means of pulling through on your sexual self-esteem. Having low sexual self-esteem could be frustrating and annoying. However, a stabilized porn consumption strategy could help you get your sexual confidence back in no time. However, note that porn consumption could be addictive; nonetheless, striking a balance would help you get your sexual confidence back on track and keep you from being a porn addict. 

Take your masturbation seriously:

Stress could also be one of those factors hindering your sexual self-esteem, and what better way to ease stress and blow off some steam than masturbating? While masturbating, you boost your confidence while accepting your body the way you are, which helps increase self-esteem. You could relieve yourself of your sexual frustration when you “cum” so, ensure you ejaculate as many times as possible. Masturbating isn’t bad if you have the right motive, and in this case, you need to increase your sexual self-esteem. 

Talk positive and take bold steps:

As mentioned earlier, watching pornography is great, and masturbating is incredible. Nonetheless, you still have to make the conscious effort of taking bold steps. There’s no way you would know you’ve gotten your sexual self-esteem on the high side if you don’t take proactive measures. So, don’t be timid to take that leap of faith. Positive affirmations also go on a long way. You can choose to always speak words of reassurance to yourself whenever you look in the mirror, remind yourself that people don’t define you, but you define who you are. You might have lost your sexual confidence when you were much younger, but getting it back now, solely depends on you and how far you are willing to go.

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